Saturday, March 13, 2021


1) Nomadland

2) Mank

3) Minari

4) The Trial of the Chicago 7

5) Promising Young Woman

6) Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

7) One Night in Miami...

8) The Father

9) News of the World

10) Judas and the Black Messiah
11) Soul
12) Sound of Metal
13) Da 5 Bloods
14) The Mauritanian
15) Another Round

See predictions in all categories here:


Debby said...

Hey Ron,

Your list totally matches mine, for the first six any way.

goog job.

I like the new look.

evermoon said...


Adrian Mendizabal said...

Why is there such a fuss for predicting the oscars for next year???

evermoon said...

It's just a hobby, Adrian.

Anonymous said...

My ten nominees, from most likely to win to least likely:
1. Precious
2. Invictus
3. Up in the Air
4. Hurt Locker
5. Bright Star
6. An Education
7. A Serious Man
8. Nine
9. Lovely Bones
10. I don't know about who the last nominee is.

Andrew R. said...

WILL WIN: Either Hurt Locker or Avatar
SHOULD WIN: Hurt Locker or Precious
SNUBBED: Invictus, Where the Wild Things Are

(You liked Antichrist that much? Ugh, that film was gross and poorly written. But great acting.)

Anonymous said...

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moonlessjoe said...

you can watch all these movies on

I watch them all, and the hurt locker should have won.

Avatar was nothing more that dances with wolves in space. Other were good movies but not worth best picture

Andrew R. said...

OK, for 2010, I think that Harry Potter 7 Part 1 (or Part 2 for 2011!) has a bigger chance than you think. They are going to have to acknowledge the series.

Chloe is already out.

My Top 16, alphabetically:

Black Swan:
PROS: He's due, especially after the Requiem/Fountain/Wrestler snubs. Pi too. Good cast.
CONS: Well, if Requiem couldn't get nominated...

Blue Valentine:
PROS: Early buzz, Weinstein's campaigning, Gosling is due
CONS: Weinstein's campaigning, very indie

Ghost Writer:
PROS: Sympathy for Polanski.
CONS: Hatred for Polanski, early release, it's no Chinatown.

Harry Potter 7 Part 1:
PROS: Series is due for recognition, only series of 6 to be consistent (well, the last 5 Saw films were consistently bad)
CONS: There's the 2nd half, too kiddy and fantasy according to AMPAS. Never gets Visual Effects nominations.

PROS: Nolan. And of course, DARK KNIGHT'S SNUB. ARGH. Great cast.
CONS: Very little info. Leo never wins. Nolan hasn't been nominated.

It's Kind of a Funny Story:
PROS: The source material is Academy-style funny. (Reitman-esque humor).
CONS: Cast is a bit iffy. Comedy isn't their thing. Young adult oriented, and that's a no-no.

Kids are All Right:
PROS: Bening and Moore are due, early as hell buzz, Sundance viewers loved it.
CONS: Too early buzz. Also, Brokeback.

Rabbit Hole:
PROS: Cast. The plot is the kind they love.
CONS: Naughty sounding title, very little info.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World:
PROS: Cera is a great actor, good source material.
CONS: Superbad couldn't get nominated, it's a comedy, the girlfriend reminds me of Clementine from Eternal Sunshine, which wasn't nominated. Might flop.

Shutter Island:
PROS: Scorsese and Leo.
CONS: Not a Goodfellas, Leo never wins. Early release.

PROS: S. Coppola is 3 for 3. She's due.
CONS: Virgin Suicides couldn't get nominated for Screenplay, Bigelow may have won but women are still struggling. Also, little info.

Toy Story 3:
PROS: With Up + 10 slots + Pixar, it's very likely.
CONS: It's STILL animated, and other animators (Miyazaki, Disney, Dreamworks, some indie animator...) deserve a chance. Spread the love.

PROS: Very strong source.
CONS: They're iffy about drug movies and I want to kill whoever casted Chase Crawford.

Tree of Life:
PROS: He's due.
CONS: He can't get nominated.

True Grit:
PROS: Bridges just won and it got John Wayne an Oscar. Coen Bros are on a roll.
CONS: Remake.

Winter's Bone:
PROS: Sundance winner. Could pull a Precious.
CONS: Dark, an acting vehicle.

evermoon said...

Cool list, thanks! As for HP7, I'm feeling slightly more confident about Part 2 (more epic), though Part 1 has a more Oscar-friendly release date (November) and a fair share of drama between the three leads. So maybe. It would certainly be fun to see it nom'd for Best Pic.

Ryonymous said...
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