Monday, May 21, 2007

This Joke[r] isn't funny...

...which is to say that it's scary, creepy, promising. This is Heath Ledger as the Joker in 2008's The Dark Knight (pic taken from AICN):


steph said...

hi sir! haha eew, looks more gross than funny.
the cartoon version of joker is better. mark hamill all the way! :D
-steph jordan

evermoon said...

hehe mark hamill! i'm waiting to see how heath ledger acts this out. but i'm think we're going to be seeing a far darker, more sinister joker than we've seen so far in movies and tv shows :p

gel said...

i can't wait.. cno pa ibang cast? :)

what do you think of the movie Across the Universe?

ang cute ng pic nyo!! :))

evermoon said...

christian bale, michael caine, morgan freeman, gary oldman are coming back. maggie gyllenhaal is replacing katie holmes. kasama rin aaron eckhart as harvey dent.

haven't seen the movie, but it looks interesting. palabas na ba sya dyan?

thanks. creative pic ko yan sa yearbook :p

K Hara said...

sexy. i really think that its sexy.