Monday, January 21, 2008

Did I Just Overlook Jones and Macdonald?

Now that I've watched No Country for Old Men, I'm feeling like an idiot for not predicting Tommy Lee Jones and Kelly Macdonald as nominees in the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories, respectively. The film is of course set to be the one to beat for the top prize. Jones has had praised turns in this film and in In the Valley of Elah. Macdonald is the lone female in the movie, and her last scenes are powerfully affecting. Neither one has a lot of pre-Oscar citations, but those early awards don't completely dictate who will be nominated for the Oscar.

Oh well, I've already put up my FINAL predictions, so I'm not changing them anymore (except for the Foreign Language Film category, which I adjusted after the shortlist of nine was released...not so fair either, I suppose, but what the heck).

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