Friday, September 11, 2009

The Philippines Choosing Its Oscar Entry

An eight-man committee of the Film Academy of the Philippines began reviewing a short list of for the country’s entry to the best foreign language film category of the 82nd Oscar Awards scheduled next year.

Scheduled for showing on Wednesday, Sept. 9 are the films Pitik Bulag of ALV Entertainment and The Last Viewing of Davis Entertainment.

Aside from these two films, seven other films were recommended by the selection committee members for review while screening for three other films was requested by their producers.

These local films were exhibited in theaters for at least seven consecutive days within the period of October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009.

Included in the short list are the following films: Kamoteng Kahoy (APT Entertainment); The Last Viewing (David Enertainment); Concerto (Solito Arts Productions and Seiko Films); Ded na si Lolo (APT Entertainment); Baler (Viva Films); Jay (Pasion para Pelikula Productions); Bente (APT Enterainment) and 100 (Martinez-Rivera Films).

The films whose producers requested the committee to review are Lola (Centerstage productions); Manila (MJM Productions and Bicycle Pictures); and Adela (Bicycle Pictures).

The FAP Oscar committee is composed of the following; National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, senior adviser of the Academy and also the chairman of the selection committee; Actor/Director Robert Arevalo, FAP adviser; Director Jose Carreon of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. (DGPI); Johnny Delgado of the Actors Workshop Foundation; Director William Mayo of the Philippine Motion Picture Directors’ Association (PMPDA); Manny Morfe of the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines (PDGP); Jess Navarro of the United Film Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (UFEG); and Director Elwood Perez, PMPDA.

The list of committee members had been forwarded before the August 3, 2009 deadline to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which conducts the Oscar Award.



cinelamour said...

baler is in the shortlist? come on it's not even good.

they should pick among: jay, 100, lola, adela and forget the rest.

my concern for lola is that it should have a commercial screening by now for which it is one of the requirements of ampas.

last year, mendoza was asked for serbis dvd for review by the same fap oscar committee but failed to submit for reasons i don't why, i could only speculate (hopefully not a snub).

my other concern is the questionable taste of fap due to their yearly fap awards which most of the time (or if not all of the time) has results that were not that great though i was happy that maximo was the official submission.

anyway, do you know the history of fap oscar committee? how it ended up there?

evermoon said...

Hi! I completely agree with your comment about Baler. The editing of that film is atrocious. Ditto on your other choices, though neither Jay nor 100 (which i LOVE) is the type of film that would appeal to the Oscar voters, imo.

I haven't really researched on how FAP got the gig of deciding on our entries (something that, yes, they have generally been bad at). I'll look into it :)

cinelamour said...

ded na si lolo is the official philippine submission to the oscar's foreign film.

there you go (my shoulder went down)

evermoon said...

Where did you get the news? It's not on the FAP website yet...

Anonymous said...

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