Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ded Na Si Lolo: Philippine Entry to the Oscars

No official word yet from the Film Academy of the Philippines, but various web sources are reporting that Soxy Topacio's indie comedy film Ded Na Si Lolo (literal translation: Grandfather is Dead) has been selected as the entry of the Philippines to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 82nd Academy Awards. If this is true, FAP chose to ignore Lola, directed by Cannes winner Brillante Mendoza, shown recently in the Venezia, and generally praised critically. Ded Na Si Lolo has yet to be shown outside the Philippines or win any award here. Could this be another in the long line of careless selections made by the FAP? We'll see, but I'm personally not optimistic.


cinelamour said...

it is already in their website.
it became a tossed up between in my life and ded na si lolo with 4-1 votes. there are 6 members of the committee. one did not vote. my guess it was eddie romero, the chairman. (he is not in the picture from the website). i wish that they wrote an explanation why they chose ded na si lolo just like in any other film festivals in the world. it matters actually.

Ron Cruz said...

Yeah, I just read it. I really don't know what these people think of when they decide on what films to send. Do they really want the Philippines to succeed? Such uninspired, careless choices. Ded Na Si Lolo may be a good, fun film, but over Lola?

Oh well...

Tram said...

I think they made the right decision, the film totally reperesents the Philippine culture with all its idiosyncrasies and colorful characters. I know Brillante Mendoza personally and familiar with all his films, but this is Oscars and not Cannes. They totally have different set of standards, the first time i watched "Ded" Oscars immediately came to my mind and few months later, the film did make it as the Philippine entry. Congratulations to all the people behind "Ded" , MABUHAY kayong lahat.

mansour said...

For me, it is the right choice. The best pinoy film since Himala.

There is no boring moment.

Everything is real.

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