Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol Final 12

Getting over the painful loss of Ayla Brown from the competition, I went home early from work to catch the Final 12 perform the theme shows for the first time. I think Simon Cowell was able to encapsulate the night in a few words. To paraphrase: the first half was just all right, while the second was brilliant. Well, to be more precise, the last four (Katharine, Taylor, Paris, Chris) were brilliant. Everyone else ranged from good (Elliott) to boring (Kelly--what happened?!) to just plain off (Melissa--yup, residual bitterness at her having survived instead of Ayla, but she did forget her lyrics and was pitchy all over). Wrong, potentially fatal song choice for Kelly. Good thing she's so adorable or else she'd be a sure goner. I actually kinda liked Kevin's performance for the first time, but he's still a terrible dancer, and that attitude is a definite turn off. It's everyone's (with the exception of Simon) fault for building up his ego. How many times has Kevin said that he was the show's sex symbol? Whatever. Reality check.

It's now a competition between Katharine McPhee and Paris Bennett for the girls, and between Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry for the boys. All of them were magnificent last night.

Who I hope would get eliminated tonight: Melissa McGee or Kevin Covais. Who I think will: Melissa for messing up her lyrics.


Farfetched said...

Sir! I love your blog! And the fact that you're rooting for McPhee! I'm just starting a blog, and I want to make it look like yours. How do you make two columns for information (ex. your ratings for movies)? See you around Sir! Have a great summer!


evermoon said...

Hey Anton! Simply go to the Template section of your blog and edit the stuff that's already written there. You don't need to know about html codes and stuff like that. The standard template includes codes for Previous Entries, so just copy that, paste, then edit as you please.

Have a great summer as well!