Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've Got the McPheever!

I was not able to watch the first two seasons (Kelly and Ruben) of American Idol, only the season starting from the one won by Fantasia. But after a few weeks of seeing her, particularly after last night's 50s performances, I am convinced that Katherine McPhee has the purest, sultriest, highest-quality singing voice that I've heard from any female singer in the competition. I've got the McPheever! As Randy would say, "We've got a hot one here!" I'll so hate and stop watching A.I. if Kate gets voted out before the final 2 contestants are chosen. Right now, her only tough competition from the girls seem to be Paris and Mandisa (both great last night), with Kelly (back to her adorable self) threatening with her "It" factor. Among the guys, Chris is consistently very good, Elliott still has the best singing voice, and Taylor, though he stumbled last night in my opinion (why did he choose that song?!), has a strong fanbase that won't let him go early (thankfully). Ace and Lisa were OK last night, as was Kevin. Did you notice how much humbler he seemed to be last night? Someone probably had a talk with Chicken Little and told him to stop ruffling the feathers of birds bigger than he. Who should get voted off: Bucky for that terrible performance (it didn't help that he came after powerhouse Mandisa).

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Survivor L2 said...

Sir, nice blog!

I also want Kat to reach final two :p

If you have spare time, please check on the link :p

Thanks sir!