Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol Week 2

What a boring week. Only a few standout performances, and most of the contestants played it safe with their song selections. While easily impressed Randy and Paula praised several of them who shouldn't have been so complimented, Simon was (as usual) the only sane judge who saw the flaws in performances like those of Ace Young and Kevin Covais. I'm hoping that we don't have to put up with such a snooze fest next week.

Paris Bennett (though never near as exciting as she was last week)

Ayla Brown (whoa! Didn't think she was this good.)
Kelly Pickler (Kawaii!)

Katherine McPhee (lovely voice, boring song)
Lisa Tucker
Melissa McGhee

Brenna Gethers

Bad, but let's give her another chance
Kinnik Sky

Please end the torment
Heather Cox (valiant effort in singing a Mariah song, but what was she thinking?!)

Elliott Yamin (darn, this guy's voice is unbelievable)
Chris Daughtry (raw and powerful, as usual)

Taylor Hicks
Gedeon McKinney

Will Makar
Jose 'Sway' Penala

Not so Good
Ace Young (pitchy, and Simon was right: he obviously struggled)

Kevin Covais (the guy cannot dance to save his life, and his voice isn't that good either)
David Radford (sure, good voice, but can't he do anything else?!)

Who I won't care to see next week
Bucky Covington (I just don't get him)

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