Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol: Rod Stewart Week

Last night was without a doubt the best night of American Idol this year (with the 50s episode being a close second), with performances ranging from okay (Kellie) to amazing (Paris and Kat). In fact, it's hard to name the bottom 3, so I won't even try, although Kellie is definitely at the bottom. Was her humble acceptance of her failure just an act to get the audience's sympathy? Well, regardless, it was a decent gesture, and I'm sure it's going to save her. So I think it's going to be either Ace or Elliott out tonight, despite their good performances (in fact, among their best), unless by some odd, nightmarish glitch in the wheel of fate, one of the great four (Kat, Paris, Chris, Taylor) gets the boot. God forbid. Who'll go: Ace. Who should go: Kellie (well, just based on last night. If I'm to consider consistency throughout the competition, then Ace should go).

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