Sunday, April 02, 2006

Review: Just Friends

"Forgiveness is more than saying sorry..."

Okay, having gotten that out of the way (darn that catchy song), Just Friends offers some good laughs but ultimately turns out to be just another romantic comedy. Ryan Reynolds is inconsistent and isn't as funny as he usually is; maybe if he had spent more time in the fatsuit, as I had thought he would, he would have been more consistently amusing. Despite being the object of the affections of Reynolds's character Chris Brander, Amy Smart barely registers in the film. Sure, she's pretty, but she can't hold a scene with her presence.

It's the supporting characters who make the film at least slightly worthwhile. Chris Marquette acts like a complete goofball as Chris Brander's brother Mike, and it actually works. Anna Faris, who I normally hate, has so perfected the art of imitating (if she IS imitating) the vapid, dumb blonde that she should be made to teach a special acting course, say, "How to Act Like a Bimbo." She is HILARIOUS in this film. Watch it just for her.

As I started with a line from Samantha James's (Faris) song, I'll end with the last line in that same piece: "Where are you?" I know, it's senseless, but it's funny as heck when you imagine Faris's vacant face saying it. Grade: C

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