Thursday, April 27, 2006

Review: Silent Hill

A lot of people are saying that Silent Hill is the best videogame adaptation that has ever been produced. Well, umm...I hope this isn't as good as the adaptations can get. Granted, the images are extremely creepy, and the film as a whole is visually beautiful, but the latter half had me cringing with inane dialogue, wooden acting (mainly courtesy of Laurie Holden), and, save for the nurses (graduates of the Spasm Like Sadako class), a disappearance of the demoniac creatures that made the first half very interesting. I admit that I was expecting so much more, with all the buzz, the mesmerizing trailers, and the attachment of Christophe Gans as director (I really liked his 2001 film, Le Pacte des Loups). Radha Mitchell was adequate as the mother desperate to find her daughter, despite being given terrible lines to say. As for said daughter... I read somewhere Jodelle Ferland being referred to as Canada's Dakota Fanning. Please. While Dakota is a true, fine, mature actress regardless of her age, Jodelle has the acting maturity of a puppy. I found her character more annoying than frightening or worth any sympathy for. Sorry, but I just didn't like her. Grade: C+

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