Thursday, August 31, 2006

Review: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Comic book- and superhero-themed movies are everywhere nowadays, so an interesting, unique concept is always welcome. The superpower twist to the age-old ex-girlfriend storyline was attractive enough when My Super Ex-Girlfriend was first announced, and the addition to the cast of Uma Thurman as the lead actress was icing on the cake. Did I come into the theatre expecting too much? I was expecting the film to at least be fun, but certainly not for it to be great. Still, I came out rather disappointed. The film did nothing for me, except have a few occasional laughs. Uma fit her role very well, but Luke Wilson has less than half that charisma of his brother Owen, Rainn Wilson was as boring and flat as film sidekicks/best buddies can get, and ever hilarious Anna Faris was severely underutilized. Thurman was practically the only saving grace of this lame (though sometimes amusing) superhero movie. Grade: C

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